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SND.PE VOL.03 is out and what it means to us

Dear Friends,
Nieces & Nephews,

Our newest compilation « SND.PE VOL.03: RAW CLUB MATERIAL » is out today.

13 new tracks featuring Joe Howe & Matthias Zimmermann, Low Concept (Renaissance Man & Physical Therapy), Rushmore, Rabit, Deke Soto, Ratchett Traxxx, Toyc, Track ID, Koyote, Crystal, Nicolas Malinowsky, Friendship, K-Lagane.

You can buy it on iTunes: https://itun.es/i6g368F
Juno: http://bit.ly/SPv3Juno
Beatport: http://bit.ly/SPv3Bp
Boomkat: http://bit.ly/SPv3BK

If you have a minute, I’d like to tell you about the importance of this release for us.

So Sound Pellegrino started five years ago as a sublabel of Institubes. The purpose of this new digital imprint was to allow Teki & Orgasmic to release the music they loved as quickly as possible, free of the usual old production model and in some instances we got the EPs on Beatport two weeks after we got them from the artists. It was, as they were closing a chapter, a way to explore all their favourite genres and sub-genres of Dance music, to discover and to release what seemed exciting and worth of championing in the club. And boy did they explore. From playful sample-based delights to the hardest numbers, from sweet sing-alongs to the border of musique concrète Sound Pellegrino reflected, encouraged and hopefully helped nourishing them as much as it could.

After more than 40 releases Sound Pellegrino is more than ever a label curated by DJs and releasing music for DJs. Aren’t all Dance labels? Of course, most of them are.
Following the release of our most recent records (SND.PE VOL.01 and 02, Joe Howe’s fantastic "EXEP", Track ID’s ungoogleable "Session 1") we’ve witness a few discussion threads about the identity of the label. What is exactly Sound Pellegrino and what’s special about them? A magazine featuring “trends”? A crew? A match-maker? The “collab label”? The answer to things happening elsewhere? A reaction? A reaction to what?

While all these questions are relevant and examined by ourselves on a daily basis (really), it’s time to remind that above everything we are here to provide the DJs with the tools to express their creativity so they can impress us and inspire us all to push the art form.
But let’s answer some of these: YES, Sound Pellegrino can be a magazine and each of our biannual compilations features the talents and styles we want people to care about. YES, Sound Pellegrino is a home for unexpected collaborations only Teki & Orgasmic would think of. YES, Sound Pellegrino is a family of unique artists: Teki Latex, Orgasmic, Matthias Zimmermann, Joe Howe, Nicolas Malinowsky.

As we are about to celebrate our 5th anniversary it only made sense to go back to the basics of our original mission and to assemble an set of tools designed to showcase the personality of the producers making them as much as the personality of the DJs playing them. Putting back the DJ in the chair of the AUTEUR and helping out the AUTEUR with new slang.

Congratulations to our guests Low Concept (Renaissance Man & Physical Therapy), Rushmore, Rabit, Deke Soto, Ratchett Traxxx, Toyc, Track ID, Koyote, Crystal, Friendship, K-Lagane and thanks to them for their incredible contributions to this project.

« SND.PE VOL.03: RAW CLUB MATERIAL » is not a  mainstream record and it’s not going to be the soundtrack to beach volley tournaments this summer… heck, it even has one of the coldest visuals in the history of the label! What do you see? Stone? Minerals? The atom? A treasure under water? The return of the Wu? All of the above? It’s also Sound Pellegrino bare-naked and calling attention to one of the most important aspects of the DJ culture, still independently. How much awareness this will raise? It’s up to you.

With very heart-warming support from Fact Magazine, Mixmag, Tsugi, The Drone, Dummy and others to this project (many thanks to them!) and in this very encouraging climate for Electronic music festivals it’s important to remember that this is still an underground culture and this is an underground album. More than ever it’s your voice, your feedback and your support that will matter the most.

This is vol. 03.


—Emile Shahidi