The Sound Pellegrino Podcast - Episode 8

New music from Hackman, LOL Boys VIP edit of “Steady Movin”, new Soul Clap remix for Michael J. Collins, Richelle, Jamie Grind, Magnum a great Todd Edwards remix of Spank Rock in dub version and more!


Michael J. Collins "Nothing Wrong With Holding On" (Soul Clap jungle mix) [Apersonal music]
Luca Lozano "Heaven & Hell" [Klasse]
Hackman "Made Up My Mind" [PTN]
Phil d’bit & Sebastiano Sedda "Housetralopitecus" (Remerc Remix) [Snatch!]
Grown Folk "Steady Movin" (LOL Boys remix VIP)
Spank Rock "What It Look Like" (Todd Edwards dub) [Ninja Tune]
Richelle "Bendin" [Pelican Fly]
Magnum "Dense" [cd-r]
Jamie Grind "Footwork" [Fortified Audio]

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