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3:52 p.m.: At the Smirnoff House, Teki Latex takes to decks sitting on an antique table next to a faux fireplace. Polaroids and framed pictures dot wooden walls where fans have scrawled enthusiastic messages, engagement announcements and various expletives. Latex’s Sound Pellegrino label is holding down the fort for the entire day, and he wastes no time in bringing down the house with funky feel-good dance fare. Someone has written “this DJ is the shit” on the wall behind him and it’s doubtful anyone in attendance would dispute that.

Looks like BILLBOARD enjoyed Sound Pellegrino’s appearance at the Smirnoff House in Tomorrowland!


Record Company Records presents The Heathen's Corner XVIII: Overdrive Infinity Summer House 2014 - Je Vous Raconte Le Tout

The Legend came back to write the legend.

First Heathen’s Corner in a decade where the genevanheathen recaps the overdrive-infinity Summer House and interviews Teki Latex.

It’s a movie.



We back! The Heathen’s Corner offers a very exclusive look at very exclusive events all around the world. The last Heathen’s Corner dates back to 2004 - that’s how EXCLUSIVE our team of 2500 international curators is when picking which exclusive events to cover. According to my calculations (